Te'Anna Jones, founder of Bangin Burgers LLC,

Te'Anna Jones who's no stranger to entrepreneurship, birthed what is well on it's way to a household name. During a worldwide pandemic April 2nd, 2020 a day before her birthday, simply woke up from a nap and was hungry!. She search for the quickest thing to prepare, Te'Anna cooked a burger and dressed it with what they had, not realizing this would be thee moment to establish a real change in her and her families life. She took one bite and knew immediately that she had something good. Curtis, she called out; I think I got something! Curtis took a bite and he agreed that this burger was quite delicious. Te'Anna arose on the next day and took the few dollars she had and purchased hamburgers and told herself; if you can sell this 100 patties in 30 days then it's worth a shot! So it begin she sold 115 burgers in just 10 days... This was amazing she thought- within just 30 days she got her 1st Sponsorship by Coca-Cola.  3 years prior Te'Anna purchased a food trailer with a friend with the hopes of a partnership which shifted due to unforeseen circumstances- On June 19th she and husband Curtis gave 'Bangin Burgers' idea a trial run on the food trailer and boy' o boy the cars would not stop pulling in... the small lot where they had lodged, had quickly become overflowed with support from the Northside community. Word of mouth spreaded like wildfire and just like that; Bangin Burgers was serving at least 50-100 guest a day. As of today November 23, 2020 Bangin Burgers has sold an astounding 5,000 burgers! The family desires to continue to grow it's legacy abroad, leaving the Jones children of (8) a brand they watched grow right from home.